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4,3,2,1 Proficiency Scales

4 Extends and Expands 
In addition to “3- consistent achievement,” student demonstrates the grade level standard with greater depth and application. Demonstrates and applies higher-level thinking of the standard. Extends knowledge consistently. Integrates learning into other curricular areas proactively and independently. Can flexibly apply the standard in new situations. Apply in-depth and/or extended conceptual knowledge (critique, connections, analysis, etc). This is challenging and difficult to achieve. 


3 Consistent Achievement 
Student meets the grade level standard addressed. Consistently meets grade level standard independently. Understands not just “what,” but can explain the “how” and “why”. Applies learning to other curricular areas with guidance. A 3 is the goal for the grade level. 


2 Partial Achievement 
Student inconsistently demonstrates understanding of the standard addressed. Student is beginning to understand ideas and processes taught. Work is approaching achievement toward the standard. Might understand the “what,” but is not able to explain the “how” and “why”. Additional support is required.


1 Minimal Achievement 
Seldom demonstrates the skill or understanding of the standard and is not meeting expectations addressed. Emerging awareness of concepts. Even with considerable assistance student is making minimal progress toward the standard. Requires targeted support and interventio